About Us

Welcome to Iceland Fish Online and our new website.  Seafood is our heritage and tradition and our aim is simple:

-To bring you the best and freshest seafood directly from Iceland to your kitchen.

Iceland Fish Online is based in Reykjavik, Iceland.  We supply locally caught seafood from the daily catch and select the best quality fresh fish to suit your requirements.  Our mission is to offer the highest quality seafood to restaurants, catering services and gourmet shops. See further information about Icelandic Fisheries quality assurance .

Iceland Fish Online offers variety of fresh fish fillets, loins, whole fish and delicious smoked, cured and/or salted seafood. We are committed to local and sustainable sourcing, and all the fish we offer is caught by Icelandic fishermen from sustainable fishing stocks that are controlled by
the official quota system.
We also choose the fish from eco-friendly fishing boats that use long line fishing methods for catching. 

It is a known fact that fresh fish has limited shelf life, even when stored under refrigeration at  0 - 4°C.  Therefore, we only send the fish by air and express courier with a maximum transit time of 48 hours.

You can be sure that the fish we offer has never been frozen. All of it is taken from the fresh, daily catch.  It is therefore eligible for freezing at its destination if it is not to be consumed within a couple of days.

We send the fresh fish twice a week from Iceland by air with DHL express courier directly to your door.  The fish is packed in isolated styrofoam boxes with gel cooling to ensure and maintain the correct temperature during transport. 

We bypass the middleman—you are the first recipient—and that enable us to offer a wide variety of fresh seafood at fair and compatible prices

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and if you do not find what you are looking for in our shopping chart, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you in every possible way. Our team has a wealth of experience in seafood, sourcing and sales and our suppliers are able to prepare the fish and seafood to meet your needs.