Monkfish tails with skin & bones size 300-500 gr.

The fresh monkfish tails from Iceland Fish Online are delicious, often used as substitute for lobster as the taste and texture are similar. The monkfish tails are with skin & bones, size 300-500 gr.

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The monkfish, sometime called goosefish, has long been regarded as delicacy and is often compared to lobster as far as texture and taste are concerned. It has always been extremely popular, if a little more expensive than most other fish. The monkfish can grow up to 200 cm but the biggest monkfish known to be caught in Iceland was 134 cm. 

The monkfish tails from Iceland Fish Online are skinless with bone, size per each tail is 300 - 500 grams.

Good monkfish will taste better when not overcooked.

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