Salmon smoked vertical, hand sliced, size 600-900 gr

Excellent quality vertical smoked salmon fillets over beech that gives mild and delicate flavour. The fillet is carefully hand sliced and each fillet is vacuum packed. Size 600 - 900 gr. each fillet.

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We are proud to offer our smoked salmon, manufactured by Opal Seafood, a small family owned smokery where quality is considered to be more important than quantity.   The raw material for comes from selected farmers who use superior working practices and use approved feed. The salmon is smoked over beech which gives the fish a distinctive flavour and natural colour.  There are no chemical additives or preservatives and no artificial flavours, making it a healthy choice. Opal Seafood produces smoked salmon under very strict rules and procedures to obtain the best possible quality of the finished product. They use methods of bygone centuries during preparation and smoking to draw out the most sumptuous flavours and the finest texture, where each single salmon is prepared by hand, from the beginning to the end, to ensure the best possible results and the highest quality. The fillets are packed in vacuum and in styrofoam boxes with gel cooling mats for export.

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